Board Audit

In our experience, a combination of in-depth personal interviews with key individuals and a thorough analysis of the Board KPI-report gives a comprehensive picture of the Board´s work and added value to both owners and the Board

Board Audit topics

  • The Board’s structure and processes 
  • The quality and effectiveness of the Board’s work
  • The relationship between the Board and management
  • The competencies, expertise, attitudes and integrity of the Board members 

Board Audit extended

  • Individual interviews with all board members, CEO, CFO and other key individuals as agreed
  • Board Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Digital Board member self-assessment and peer-review (optional)

Board Audit light

  • Individual interviews with the chairman, vice chairman, CEO and other key individuals as agreed (total 3-6 individuals)
  • Board Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)