Covid-19 puts management under pressure

The Covid-19 pandemic will change the World as we know it and we are facing business disruption at an unprecedented scale. Government and company leaders are taking necessary action to reduce the impact on people and businesses in the short-term. At the same time, companies must start to plan how they will re-position their businesses post Covid-19.

The right composition of the Board and Management Team has never been more important. The organizations must have the capacity to operate and plan on different time horizons. Board and Management teams must work effectively together, and each selected team member should have something to contribute.

Interpersona has been a forerunner in Finland in developing Board Audit and Management Audit processes that provide Board Chairmen and CEO’s with an in-depth analysis of their Board’s or Management team’s ability to work together as a team and to provide both operative and strategic leadership. Our Board and Management Audits also gives each Board and Management team member valuable feedback on their contribution to the team’s work or leadership skills.

Interpersona’s team members have as business leaders personally been through several crises. We are available to talk to you about your leadership concerns and will tailor our Board and Management Audit approaches to your needs.