Covid questionnaire

The Covid-19 crisis and the challenges it brings have put their mark this Spring. The corporate world is facing many changes as we all have to get used to living in a virtual World full of uncertainties. We can only hope things will normalize soon. However, the crisis also provides valuable opportunities to learn new skills and develop processes for the future.

At Interpersona we have used this time to develop our services. We have considered how this situation affects our customers what kind of challenges they face. A critical factor is the company’s resilience, i.e. how well it maintains its ability to operate in exceptional circumstances. The company’s leadership and corporate culture plays a major role in this. We are currently working on a service we call “Resilience audit”, which will evaluate how the company functions during the crisis. This will be a relevant question soon, as we want to take advantage of our Covid-19 experiences and lessons learned from the crises.

We would appreciate if you could answer one question regarding leadership during the Covid-19 crisis. You can access the question via the link below. We will provide a summary of the responses we have received.

Thank you and take care of yourself and your team!

Team Interpersona